Align your team with storytelling illustrations

Visual Ink is at the forefront of leading strategy illustration workshops. These workshops bring business people together to draw—literally and figuratively—their common future. In doing so, they create lasting business alignment value.

We drive a collaborate and exhilarating process that always ends with customer delight. We’ve developed and tested visual methodologies to get powerful results at every level of business, from the boardroom to the executive briefing center, and across vertical industries.

This service is effective for:

Corporate leadership — Activate your workforce by showing them the big picture, where they fit in, and what they need to do to succeed.

Sales executives — Engage your customers in a process that wins sales by deepening intimacy, co-creating account plans, and differentiating sales presentations with a major ‘Wow’ factor.

Agencies and consultants — Get results by creating and presenting clear visual outcomes that all stakeholders understand and support.

Examples: full strategy illustrations

Examples: progressive strategy illustrations