Start 2019 with a Strategy Illustration Workshop

Get everyone in your business on the same page.
Really, on the same page.

The perfect new year’s resolution for your business: get everyone in the company on the same page.

But how?

You could build a strategy deck, and email it to your colleagues. Or, you could design a beautiful brochure and hope people read it and believe it. Or, you could assume that everyone knows what’s going on, and just skip the alignment process altogether.

Here’s a better idea: engage in a strategy illustration workshop with Visual Ink. Develop a compelling visual depiction of your strategy so that all of stakeholders can see and understand what’s going on.


What’s the goal of a strategy illustration workshop?

This workshop is designed to help visually articulate and answer the most important 3 questions your stakeholders have:

  1. Where are we today? What’s the current state of our business, including limitations, opportunities?

  2. Where are we going? What’s the vision for a future state of our business?

  3. How do we get there? What are the key elements that will get us to the future state?

If your strategy is already well defined, this workshop will focus on clarifying and amplifying the message, so it’s super clear and easy to understand.

If your strategy still needs some work, this workshop is the perfect place to draw out key elements and pull it all together.

What happens in a strategy illustration workshop?

First, we get the right set of stakeholders in a conference room for 6 hours.

We put paper up on all 4 walls.

Working with your facilitator or one of our own, our visual design strategist then beings the visual articulation—drawing out various ways to express the strategy.

We iterate, iterate, iterate until we get everything on a single diagram…which can sometimes be quite large!

After the workshop concludes, we bring the draft illustration back to the studio for clean up and refinement. Within 48 hours, you get a well-designed and annotated illustration, suitable for printing, hanging on the wall, or sequences and scripted into a story-telling presentation.

What does the resulting illustration look like?

Here are just a few of the resulting illustrations:

At a glance, they can look simple…even cartoonish. But during the workshop we ensure that the fine details of your strategy are baked into the drawing. Viewers will typically see themselves and their concerns represented in the illustration.

This is the fastest (and the most fun!) way to get your stakeholders on the same page.

Visual Ink clients are typically delighted (and relieved!) to have a story telling device that is so easy to communicate.

Posters, booklets, web content… the resulting illustrations can manifest in a variety of deliverables designed around your communications plan.