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Visual Ink was founded in 2004 and has produced business illustrations, UX storyboards, animations for a gamut of industries and customers, from mid-size to Fortune 500 companies with varied clients such as GE, Kaiser Permanente, DELL EMC, PepsiCo, Philips, Deloitte, Facebook, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Our main focus at Visual Ink is bespoke visual design, using ink pens, pencils, paper, computers, and plenty of software! Our speciality is helping companies tell their stories, both within and outside of corporate branding initiatives. Our goal is to help cusotmers drive better business execution through effective story telling visual techniques.

Visual Ink customers include:

Meet the team


Michael Stark



Kevin Woodson

Visual Strategist & Designer


Adrian Martinez

Lead Animator


Diana To

Creative Director


Jamie Does

Visual Strategist & Designer


Rebecca Lawson

Marketing Advisor

Customer testimonials


Mike Spillers, Global Strategic Account Marketing Manager

“The remarkable skills of the VisuaI Ink team of illustrators allows us to vividly show the breadth of Dell Technologies’ offerings across a broad set of business units within each highly-complex account. From ‘We didn’t realize Dell does that for us!’ to giving the entire IT organization an instantly digestible roadmap of where our products and services maximize value, the benefits of having this often real-time feature at EBC’s and executive meetings is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but indeed a mandatory element for accounts who want the highest visibility into their customers environment. The leader of my most successful account within Dell carries a laminated graphic-version of the overall enterprise IT environment with her in her purse to every account meeting – it’s a powerful reminder of what we as a trusted business partner have committed to their business and what they have committed to our success. Graphically, there’s nothing more powerful to explain the complex relationship.” 

Tim Russell, Manager, Learning & Development

“VI Creative astonished me with its ability to capture the story of our organization in a way that will spark employee's imaginations. In addition to their artistic talent, its their understanding of the business that set them apart.”

Rebecca Lawson, VP Product Marketing for GE Digital

“Visual Ink delivers incredible value. They are what a creative agency should be - smart, fun, precise, and compelling with their solutions.”

Steve King, WW VP, Technology Services Sales

“The creative experts at VI helped us visually capture and articulate the  ‘what’ and ‘technology how’ behind our customer support experience messaging which now enables our entire organization to better position and sell this differentiated value to our customers.”

Mike Ryan, Consumer Products Company Sr. Director of Marketing

“Our VI Experience… Creative, Strategic, Collaborative and Meaningful.”

Mahil Castillo, HP Customer Experience Designer

“Visual Ink took us from ideation to creation of a new strategy for a better customer experience.”

Remick French, Global Account Manager, Home Depot Account Team, Dell Technologies

“Incorporating Visual Ink Creative into two executive engagements with Home Depot in the past 9 months added tremendous value and the outputs became our foundational takeaway documents for the Home Depot executives who attended.  The images and synthesized big picture stories have proven invaluable to our relationship with Home Depot, and we have leveraged them for multiple follow-up meetings.  We plan on including Visual Ink to all of our future executive briefing center engagements.

What to expect when you work with Visual Ink


Flexible and fast turnaround

We do not see obstacles, we see opportunities. We’re flexible and jump into the content to brainstorm without hesitation to uncover the core of your story. Our approach is to generate quick concepts that you can share with your team for feedback to accelerate connections and focus the content.


High-quality, unique deliverables

We take every opportunity to flex our creative skills to provide key input at every stage of your production. You get one-of-a-kind visuals with carefully crafted messaging to meet your business objectives and company brand that ensures you reach your audience.


Collaboration, collaboration, and more collaboration

You need more than a pretty picture. You need a creative solution that can have the power to bring awareness to your message, show why your story matters, bring conversion to set your audience for success, and a shareable vision to transform business. We partner with you to clarify project objectives and give you an honest assessment on the best way to achieve them at every part of the project.

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