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We’re a collaborative team fueled by a passion for creativity and good, strong caffeine...


When Visual Ink Creative was founded in 2004, we built our business with markers and large roles of paper, captivating participants with interactive murals and capturing key strategic ideas at business vision meetings.

As our clients evolved, we expanded to work with global teams, working virtually with experts, leaders, and account teams to design maps that had long-term presentation value.

Our work expanded to user experience teams as we supported rapid prototyping and use case concepts to get the best ideas to market faster.

Answering our clients’ need for maps and storyboards to reach wider audiences, we began producing educational videos for corporate communications to rally employees, partners, and colleagues around the world.

Responding to our ability to understand complex business and technology and make it simple, global marketing leaders reached out to link us with branding and legal departments to deliver company stories and explainer videos on public sites.

VI Creative combines strategic expertise with the creative power of a design studio to deploy live work, maps, and videos to help large organizations transform their business. We leverage visual thinking to design content by involving the experts, ideating, and iterating to help clients solve complex problems and make immediate and lasting results.