Meet the Visual Ink Team


Diana To

Creative Director

Visual design is the approach I undertake to solve a problem. I am motivated to share my thoughtful design process to solve communication problems.


Michael Stark


I founded Visual Ink 15 years ago with a strong belief that creative ‘out of the box’ thinking was needed in corporations to help stakeholders think differently thru our visual work. Now, creativity is seen as a necessary component, I love how we at Visual Ink continue to reinvent our offerings based on current customer needs. Its fun bringing the world of art and business together and I get to be a connector of these two worlds.


Adrian Martinez

Lead Animator

I enjoy combining storytelling techniques with the challenges clients are trying to solve to create a problem-solving visual story. It’s a great motivator when a client loves what we create and is eager to show it off.



Visual Strategist

Nothing is more satisfying than the end of a long, ambitious meeting where my visual facilitation has enabled participants to maintain their energy and focus, creating a vision or strategic document that exceeds their expectations.

It inspires me as an artist to work with leaders and participants to ensure that the final artwork is something they are proud to present to their organizations and customers.

Since creating my first ‘Vision Map’ with a Bay Area Financial Services company in 1993, I’ve used the thousands of subsequent visioning opportunities to deepen my understanding of business, society, and group facilitation, from board rooms to classrooms.


Jamie Does

Visual Strategist

I do this work because people are overwhelmed with information and need help making meaning of complexity. When we engage business strategy at the level of our visual and story-based hardwiring, good things happen!


rebecca lawson

Marketing strategist

I am inspired to help people up their creative genius through strategic illustration and game storming meetings.

A change activator, I love bringing the team strengths into the room and leveraging them for the highest good.